The Children

All the children come from very poor backgrounds and most are double orphans. With medication and good food, their physical condition has improved fantastically and they have settled down well at Lubasi.

Selection of children is done by the officers of the Social Welfare Department, who interview the remaining family members or whoever is looking after the child if at all, and ascertain that there is no one in a position to support the child. Children are recommended for selection by various community organisations working with AIDS victims and orphans. One of the children had been living on the street for 4 years. Boys and girls are admitted.

We keep in touch with known relatives and the children often go to stay with them in school holidays. If family members who can care for the child are found, the child may be released to the family. When a child reaches the age of 18 a new home has to be found. Over 100 children had passed through the home by 2011.

Although Lubasi Home has no religious affiliation, the members of staff are all Christians from various churches and the children are being brought up in a Christian atmosphere. The new chapel is used for daily prayers.

In 2010 and 2011, Lubasi Home temporarily accommodated a number of groups of children from Congo, who had entered Zambia illegally with their parents and were attempting to cross the border to Zimbabwe. The parents were put in  prison pending deportation.  The Congolese children did not know any local languages but soon picked up enough to communicate with the other children.