Lubasi children attend local schools. Most of the primary children are at Christ the King School in Maramba. Classes are in shifts, so some go in the morning and some in the afternoon. If the children do well enough in the national Grade 7 exam they may be given places in secondary schools or continue at Christ the King for Basic School classes in Grades 8 and 9. Again there is a national exam and those who pass go to high schools.
Two of our children have earned places in boarding secondary schools. Some girls attend St Mary's Secondary School in Livingstone. Other boys and girls are at Linda High School.
About 25 children who are no longer resident at Lubasi but have been reintegrated with family members are being supported for their educational needs.
All children have to pay PTA levies in primary school and school fees in basic, secondary and high school. All have to have uniforms and shoes, which are expensive by Zambian standards.
Since June 2010 we have received grants for education from the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and malaria. This covers part of our educational requirements.
We also employ part-time tutors to help those who are behind with their schooling doe to the circumstances in which they were living. Mothers teach the young ones not yet in school and help all the children with their homework.
We have a computer room where the older children learn to use computers and can access the Internet to broaden their knowledge.