How To Help

Visit Us
We welcome visitors but have to protect our children from too much disruption of their lives. If you're visiting the Victoria Falls, email or phone and ask when would be convenient for you to visit.
We're just two kilometres (about a mile) from the city centre.

Volunteers are welcome by arrangement in advance. We prefer you to stay for at least 6 months,  so that you and the children can get to know each other and you can do some useful work.

Help with running expenses
It costs about US$ 150 per month ($3 per day) to feed, clothe, house and educate each of our children.This includes staff salaries and the value of donations we receive in kind.

We do get many local donations in kind, especially food, our biggest supporter in this way being Sun International Hotels, who have two hotels at the Falls. Some other local businesses make regular donations of sour milk, bread and buns. Many other businesses and local people also help and we have various local fundraising activities.
But it is not possible to raise all our needs in a society where 80% of the people are living on less than US$ 1 per day. So we depend on donations from many international organisations and individuals.

We have an increasing burden of supporting the education of children who have left residential care to live with family members who cannot afford school fees. We also have several children in tertiary education.
If you would like to sponsor a particular child we can send you details.

Help with capital projects
We need to renovate and expand the dining / general purpose room and the kitchen and move the laundry.

How to Give
To receive overseas donations, we have the support of Global Partners for Health in USA, whose web site is  Through this site donations can be made by credit card, earmarked for Lubasi Home, and for US residents they have 501c3 tax status. Global Partners forwards the donations to us without any administrative charges and in bulk to avoid high transfer costs.

For telegraphic transfers where it is not possible to use Global Partners for Health, our US Dollar account is at Standard Chartered Bank, Plot 912 Mosi-o-Tunya Road, Livingstone, Zambia. Sort Code: 061018, Account No. 87 005 540603 00. Name: Lubasi Home Trust. SWIFT Code SCBLZMLX.

Donations in Kind
Please email for information before sending anything. Many items are subject to customs charges.

For information worldwide 
Lubasi Home, Phone 260 213 322232 Email Click here
Antony Ranjan (founder), Phone: 260 213 320534/320767
Margaret Whitehead (treasurer): 260 213 323565. Email Click here